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Coast To Coast!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Howdy folks,

Welcome to the October newsletter, I hope everyone’s doing epic out there!

This month our “Coast to Coast” EP turned six!!!🥳

Making this record and all of the other moving parts around it was such a fun and meaningful experience, I thought it would be cool to share some of those thoughts, photos & clips with you!

We recorded the EP at Wally Hersom’s “Wallyphonic Studio” in Pasadena, USA in a 8 hour session with Ronnie James Webber (Jimmie Vaughn, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Little Charlie) and Jason Smay (JD McPherson, Los Straight Jackets, McKinley James).

I was in LA for the week to play at the Reverend Horton Heats festival, “Hortons Hayride” in San Pedro, before leaving Australia I put the world out to see if anyone wanted to collaborate and as luck had it, everything came together for the session last minute, Ronnie was able to fly in from San Francisco on the morning of the recording and Jason had played a show with JD the night before in LA, perfect everything was lining up!

During the session we recorded two self penned tracks “Coast to Coast” & “Pharaoh of Love”. A consistent favourite in our live set is Ray Sharpe’s “Linda Lou” so we laid that down. Super stoked that Wally applied the “Space Guitar” style reverb in the solo during the mix down, at the time I was listening to a lot of Lonnie Mack and one of his big ones for me has always been “Soul Serenade” so we recorded that as well.

It was such a pleasure getting to record at Wally’s studio, the environment and sound lent itself to our trio amazingly, as a fan of both Ronnie and Jason getting to record with them was a dream. Not only are they epic musicians, but also exceptional humans🙌🏽

The EP was originally released as a Downloadable purchase, however my good friend Guille from Sleazy Records in Malaga, Spain approached us to do a limited release, as a 7” Vinyl, which is available from our online store now.

The cover shot is another story in itself, my wife and I were in Waikiki for our honeymoon and staying at the same hotel, fellow Uppercut ambassador JJ Wessels was also there! Uncanny timing!

I shoot a lot of water/surf photos on a 1960 Nikono’s 35mm camera, being that JJ is an amazing longboard stylist, we lined up a shoot the next morning with the intention of using said photos I shot of him for the next Uppercut campaign, half way through the session he suggested for me to get a couple of waves and he’d try to get a photo of me! And well, the rest is history, a wave bigger than the previous rolled through Queens, I swung his 9’6 Christenson log around, stalled then got a micro barrel......that part is debatable though! haha

My longtime bro and artistic collaborator Chris Wilkinson brought everything together in a neatly designed 7” package, check out that Fender style font he created for my name!

You can listen, watch and take home your own right here!

Capocci’s Monthly Megamix 0.6

Alright! Sooo many old favourites that need no introduction in this months playlist, that said, be sure to listen to my bro and guitar monster Austin Johns track, GA-20s EPIC tribute to Hound Dog Taylor (the whole record is insane!) and one of my favourite Ibrahim Ferrer’s tune, whenever I hear him sing, he evoke’s deeper feelings and thoughts, and makes me think and feel what’s good about our short existence on this rock, enjoy!


This months podcast suggestion is of me! My bro Clayton Walters of Freshwater has recently had me on board for a chat, we talk about early years, barbering, surfing and music, listen to it here!


Brasilia By Rene Burri, if you are a fan of modernist architecture “Brasilia” needs no introduction!

An amazing collection of photographs taken by master Swiss photographer Rene Burri that he took over a 40 year period of the construction of Brasil’s “new” capital, conceived by the mastermind of Oscar Niemeyer (my all time favourite architect) and Lucio Costa (much respect also).

What have you guys been reading or listening to lately?feel free to drop me a email and let me know

As always, thanks for reading and subscribing, I appreciate your support and hope that you and your loved one’s are safe and well where every you may be.

Take care


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