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TK Smith Modified Telecaster

Howdy Folks,

How are you all holding up out there? Sending positive vibes your way.

Welcome to the September newsletter, I’m a few days late as I’ve been super focused and in the zone....didn’t want to break the cycle, read on

New Album In The Works! -

Over the last three months, partly due to Sydney’s Lockdown, I’ve been loving spending more time than ever with my family, surfing, studying, training and rediscovering all the things that originally made me fall in love with music and all things guitar!

I’m very habitual in the way I go about things and I can’t help but set goals that I can work towards in my day, week, month and year. At the start of the lockdown in June, I wanted to write a song a week, with the intention of working towards recording a new EP at the end of this year!

Like anything that interests me, I can get a little bit obsessed and can’t help but commit 110%, so what was going to be a EP has now potentially grown to become an Album

While writing, I discovered a mixed CD that I made for myself while we were making the “Call Of The Wild” Album, and as the mixed CD did then, its done the same thing this time around and gave birth to a whole lot of new ideas and certain directions to investigate stylistically, if I were to suggest what you should expect to hear from the new batch of songs I’ve been working on, think along the lines of a more musically and lyrically mature “Call Of The Wild”

We hope to start demoing then recording in the coming months, stay tuned...

TK Smith Modified Telecaster -

After plugging in my TK Tele a few days ago I came to the realisation that the original conversation and ideas that gave birth to the guitar, started around 10years ago, crazy how quickly time goes by.

What started out with the idea to mount one of TK’s then new C.A.R pickups in the neck of my Telecaster, turned into a full scale custom build, two pickups (Blade in the neck and a C.A.R in the bridge) Custom Pickgaurd and Name Inlay, Routed out body (the guitar is essentially a thin line as its hollow) and a custom 4 way Fender pickup selector with a “out of phase” push/pull knob.

As TK started fabricating every element of the guitars he was building, a neck was the next addition, for the headstock inlay we looked to Barney Kessel for inspiration, yet the overall feel and shape was based of TK’s 1946 Epiphone’s neck.

The last thing to add was a “hotter” set of C.A.R pickups which are still on there today, they sound as good as they ever did!

Every time I open the case it puts a smile on my face and brings back so many epic memories.

Here’s a few clips that show its evolution from over the years

Capocci’s Monthly Megamix 0.5! -

It has been super fun creating these monthly playlists, they originally started out as a playlist for personal writing, playing, learning inspiration and also for my morning commute, now a few months into it I’m stoked to be getting feedback that you guys are enjoying listening and loving them as much as me.

There’s a few favourites in this one, and I feel the eclectic selection pays homage to all my years listening, learning and discovering! Hope you dig.


Letters From a Stoic, Seneca- One of my Top 3 favourite Stoic philosopher’s, practical everyday wisdom from ancient times that is still super relevant today.

Modernist Estates, Stefi Orazi - A really well put together collection of Modernist influenced estate’s from all around Europe, Original photos and plans from the architects, side by side photos and story’s of the family’s that live in them now.

The War On Art, Steven Pressfield - If you are an artist, athlete, business owner or entrepreneur, you need to read this, this book emphasises the resolve needed to recognize and overcome the obstacles of ambition and then effectively shows how to reach the highest level of creative discipline - This has been super helpful for me.

Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

Podcast’s -

This month I thought I might suggest a podcast I’ve really been digging, I really enjoy the platform for learning and entertainment and thought you guys might to.

Rich Roll Podcast, One of my go to’s for everything related to deeper thinking, training, philosophy, science, nutrition and wellbeing, he’s such a great conversationalist and the variety of his guest’s is always interesting.

Here’s a great one to start with about how to create good habits -

As always, thanks for reading and subscribing, I appreciate your support and hope that you and your loved one’s are safe and well where every you may be.

Take care

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